The amygdala

“The amygdala” quickly sends its massages. Contemporaneity can be introduced as a dangerous culture. Media isconstantly reminding us that the world is a dangerous place. The danger of consciousness is not only gained through personal experiences,but according to “Ulrich Beck”, it is olso based on secondhand experiences. In a hazardeos […]

رویارویی ۲

یادداشتی بر نمایشگاه سیاوش حمیدی“حتی مادر هم بچه ی رحم اجاره ای اش را مالک نیست.” «یک طرف کارفرماست و طرف دیگر کارگر،مستاجر و اجیر.کارفرما مستاجراست و به هر دلیل، توانایی پرورش و ساخت را ندارد.بارور نیست اما می تواند هزینه باروری را بپردازد.» بخشی از گزاره نمایشگاه هفته اول […]


My quest for the identity of Valiasr Street eventually led me to humans. I realized the major source of identity for a place is the presence of humans. Houses are mementos of good or bad people that are integral parts of the identity of a street, creating the past of […]


Human’s loneliness amidst the tumult of buildings and automobiles along with urban concerns have trammeled our free, lively, and rebellious souls, making us neglect the unbridled little joys. Nevertheless, the lost or forsaken sheer joy of childhood still resides in our unconscious mind. Childhood has indeed fallen into oblivion because […]